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Experiencing rural history

Right in the midst of the heart of Lüneburg Heath, there is the museum village Hösseringen - the agricultural museum of the Lüneburg Heath at a place rich in tradition: The provincial parliaments of the principality of Lüneburg were held here from 1532 up to 1652.

The open-air museum houses 26 historic buildings from the Lüneburg Heath which were moved little by little and restored with the knowledge of the subject. Thus the impression of an old village was emerging.

With its residential buildings, workshops, stables, diverse agricultural implements and varied exhibitions, it invites the visitors to an excursion into the past.

On their tour through the village and in the different houses, visitors can learn and experience what life in the "good old times" was like. For instance, as soon as the crackling of the stove fire in the Kötnerhaus is mingled with the smell of the dung from the stable and the cackling of the hens. The main building of the Brümmerhof, a stable-cum-living house dating from 1644 shows the visitors what the farm of a big peasant looked like. Herbs and vegetables are growing in the affiliated garden, just as 100 years ago. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, there is no lack of a village pond with a cheerfully quacking and gabbling flock of ducks and geese and the flock of German heathland sheep.

The spacious heath area shows different stages of cultivation. In the quarter of the craftsmen, the forge, the apiculture and the wheelwright's workshop can be visited.








Die Sammlung des Museumsdorfes, das Archiv und die Bibliothek stehen für wissenschaftliche Forschungen zur Verfügung.

Die Sammlung umfasst ca. 45 000 Gegenstände von der Stecknadel bis zum Mähdrescher.
Gesammelt wird das ländliche Kulturgut der Lüneburger Heide.
Die Objekte sind in mehreren Depots untergebracht; zum Teil sind die Räume temperiert.

Das Archiv des Museums sammelt und bewahrt schriftliche und bildliche Quellen zur ländlichen Geschichte der Lüneburger Heide. Es steht der Forschung zur Verfügung.

zu den Findbüchern

Die Bibliothek des Museumsdorfes umfasst ca. 20.000 Bände mit den Schwerpunkten  Allgemeine Volkskunde, Historische Landesforschung, Landwirtschaft, Landtechnik, Hauswirtschaft, Haus- und Bauforschung und  Handwerk.




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